Contractor: Should You Hire One?

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If you are planning a home improvement project soon, you should find out if you need a contractor. In some cases, the answer is easy because the work you need to do is a lot, and it is something you cannot do. Other times, it is not so simple because you might think you can do it yourself. However, that is not always a good reason not to hire a professional. Find out when you should.

If you plan to add on anything to your house that is major enough to require city permits or permission from the homeowner's association, you probably need a contractor. If you adding a water softener, putting cement in along the backyard wall, or building a small shed that can only be seen in your backyard, you can probably complete the job yourself because you do not usually need permits or permission for them. However, if you are building a structure that can be seen from another house, or that might violate homeowner's association rules, it is considered major and you should hire someone to help you out. This is especially helpful when it comes to getting city permits and making sure the project adheres to the city codes, since this is difficult for homeowners to do alone.

If you are realizing that the project will take a lot of time, forcing you to take time off work, you should consider hiring a contractor. Think about what you make per hour and how long it will take you to build the structure. Then consider what your free time is worth to you. It will likely take a professional a lot less time than it will take you, so factor that in when considering whether it is worth it to pay someone else. If you have little free time but some extra cash, getting a contractor is often smart. Of course, if you are unemployed or enjoy spending your free time making things, then it could be best to do it on your own.

This decision should be made only after some research has been done. Find out if a contractor is required, and then find out the rates of those in your area. If it is out of your budget and one is not required, think about whether you would be fine with working on the project by yourself for long hours. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can make the decision.

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Contractor: Should You Hire One?

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This article was published on 2010/07/07